Michelle Archard previously ran her own communications consultancy – working for large multinational clients.  Being an entrepreneur is not a new experience for her.  “Whilst I could mostly work from home, it meant long hours at the computer (to the point where my kids comment “I’m turning into you” if they end up studying on their laptops late into the night)”.

She decided to escape the 9 to 5 by signing up for a 12 month volunteer assignment in Cambodia.  “You have to Seize the day – you never know what is around the corner”. Michelle is currently working for a European NGO and living in Phnom Penh. While she’s there Michelle is building an online business about something she is passionate about – a scientifically-based approach to teaching people how to be romantic. The site is howtoberomantic.com.au. “My aim is to build the business so that it can be run from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Then my partner and I can roam the world! The side benefit is that I’ve managed to boost the romance in my own relationship as I try out all the approaches discussed in the literature I’m reading. My partner is pretty happy and it’s been a great role model for our six kids”.

Michelle has been influenced by some of the classics – 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and Launch  by Jeff Walker.  These have helped her realize that she can live anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

Volunteering in her new home country has given her a foundation to build her online business and to start her new life.  “Volunteering with a group of people means that you have an instant group of friends when you arrive. Give yourself 6 months to adjust to life in a new country. It’s hard at first but pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is necessary for personal growth”.

Michelle is still in the building stage for her business.  She is currently working on monetizing her website so that it provides an ongoing income stream and keeps her active well into retirement.

Follow Michelle at http://howtoberomantic.com.au