Laura Ann Allahverdi worked for 10 years at an agency that marketed adult beverages, liquors/wine tastings etc.  She did promotions at bars/clubs when she was younger, then wine tastings in restaurants, then managed the whole company and 200 woman who went out and did the promos. It was a 24/7 job both in an office and in the field at clubs, bars, restaurants etc. and Laura knew she wanted more out of life, but was comfortable with her life as far as money and living space. This was a small company with no chance to grow. The natural progression for her was to be employed by a large liquor company.

Every time Laura tried to break out and get into a large liquor company she never got the job despite that I had all the necessary experience.

At one point, Laura had lost her apartment through no fault of her own, which then led to her losing my job. She struggled to keep up the lifestyle she had, moved in with a roommate and kept trying to get a job in a liquor company and all she got was NO NO and NO.  Laura then took a freelance job at a club which turned very bad very fast as did the apartment situation she tried to salvage. She ended up having NO other choice than to move back home with her parents, the last thing she ever wanted to do! “I felt that I lost everything! I went through depression and anger that I couldn’t get one of those good jobs with all my knowledge and experience”.

 It took her a while to figure out that the universe was trying to tell her something! “This was not the path for me, I didn’t even want to be in the nightlife scene anymore and hated the people I dealt with. These NO’s were a big YES somehow. Still being depressed, I was having dinner with a girlfriend who had some problems, when I gave her advice and helped her, I felt a surge of energy come through me – this was the Yes I needed!”
Laura had originally gone to school for Psychology, but when she got into the abnormal psych side of things, she wasn’t interested. She wanted to make a difference in peoples lives and deal with everyday issues, so she switched to marketing. “When I worked as a manager at my last job, I had so many woman working under me and I actually ended up not only motivating and teaching them the job, but also aiding them in making changes in their lives. This was the one thing I did love about the job, I loved “my girls”. So I took all this with my new energy serge and looked into becoming a life coach. I had been through so many obstacles in my own life and everytime I overcame them, I felt empowered! I studied life coaching, learned everything I could and again coached myself out of hating my current situation”.
Laura started her own business and started her journey of helping people.   In the beginning she lived at home with her parents while growing the business and didn’t make nearly the money she used to make yet, but there is so much joy in her life. “The changes I see in people who I coach are truly amazing and so rewarding. My real dreams were always to help people, have my own business and be well recognized”.
Today Laura is on an amazing journey of helping people make dramatic changes in their lives and now she sees that all the things that got wiped out of her life, and all the NO’s she got were signs that her corporate path was a Dead End.  She had no more excuses to hold onto a job to keep her apartment because the universe took it away to force her to change and get on the right path. Although it took her a while to get the message, she is now living her dreams!

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