Brenda Jones isn’t really an entrepreneur, she’s just on a mission.  In 2008 Brenda was diagnosed with breast cancer and that’s when Hug Wraps was born.  Anyone who has been through the process knows that hospital gowns generally don’t enhance the experience.  They are institutional looking and often leave  you with an unpleasant breeze on your back side, depending on your gown design.  Brenda decided to take matters into her how hands – literally.  She found a sewing machine (and a friend to show her how to use it) and a kimono style that was conducive to cancer treatments and got to work.  I almost forgot the most important part – the fabric.  There was not going to be any pale muted colors for this cancer fighter.  She went bold with soft, warm, colorful fabrics that not only keep you comfortable and warm, but also brighten up your mood.  The first one was made out of a pink bed sheet with yellow hearts.

As Brenda’s radiation treatments went on, other patients took notice of her attire and wanted in.  “After offering to make a similar style wrap for another woman at the hospital, the requests kept coming in.”  Brenda soon found that she not only felt better when she was wearing her Hug Wrap, she also felt better when she was making them.  ” The more I made … especially now that I was on a mission to make them for other patients, the more my anger reduced.”  When she finished her cancer treatments she decided to leave her collection of wraps behind for the other patients.  This just fueled the interest for more.

Today, Brenda is recovered from her cancer and is running Hug Wraps as a 501c(3) Non-Profit Corporation in Southampton, New Jersey.  She started making them for free, but couldn’t sustain the volume.  She is now fueled by donations and has made hundreds that have shipped worldwide.  “My ultimate goal is to get these to everyone for free — there’s nothing else I would like more.”

Hug Wraps now has different styles for specific cancer needs and matching pillows and blanket sets for children.  Brenda’s motto is ‘be the answer to someone else’s prayers’ and that’s what I hope for with my Hug Wraps. I never dreamed that something I made for myself could give others so much comfort but I am so happy they do.”  If you would like to help keep Brenda in fabric or get a Hug Wrap for someone you know going through cancer treatments, visit her here.