Jasbina Ahluwalia is the mother of twins and an attorney turned entrepreneur, relationship exper, matchmaker and radio show host.   Her company Intersections Match has been profiled in the JAN. 2011 ISSUE of Entrepreneur Magazine as BUSINESS UNUSUAL.  Jasbina founded the company in 2007 and has grown through the economic downturn and continues to grow rapidly today.     She transitioned from a successful career as a Lawyer in Chicago & San Francisco to pursue an entrepreneurial venture aligned with her values and principles focused on helping people in a high-impact way, escaping the 9 to 5 and trying to achieve work-life-balance. “I’m tremendously grateful for the priceless opportunity to align my precious resources of time and energy with those values and priorities most meaningful to me.  ”

Some of the books that Jasbina found most useful on her entrepreneurial journey were – No More Mondays, SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life; and the 4-Hour Workweek, 10-10-10, The Happiness Project, The Secret Code of Success, What Happy Working Mothers Know, Womenomics, The Feminine Mistake, and Creating A Life.  As part of career change she also read many dating and relationship books as well as attended training.  “I’ve been reading the books of psychologists, dating coaches, and matchmakers for quite a while, and this reading combined with my first-hand familiarity with cultural issues in the South Asian community has allowed me to provide the highest-level of dating coaching to our niche market.”

Jasbina has several important recommendations for anyone starting down the entrepreneurial path.

  1. Identify what truly feeds your soul, and then figure out a way to add value to others lives while doing that.
  2. Choose your clients wisely.
  3. Check in with yourself regularly to confirm that your calendar and budget reflect your highest priorities.
  4. Identify a niche which your passions, skills and background (professional, educational and/or cultural) uniquely position you to fill.
  5. Align your time, energies and money with your most important values and priorities.

Finding and developing a unique niche and a unique selling proposition has been key to Jasbina’s success so far.  “We’re distinctively positioned as the only national personalized dating coaching and matchmaking service focusing on singles of South Asian descent nationwide in the country”. Given Intersections Match’s extensive outreach in the South Asian community nationwide and their relationships with non-South Asian matchmakers and dating coaches throughout the country, they are uniquely able to serve both South Asians interested in meeting singles of a similar cultural background as well as South Asians interested in meeting non-South Asians singles as well.

The feedback they have heard from their socially mainstreamed and highly-selective South Asian clients with respect to their challenges with the online dating options currently available to them has led them to develop the first online dating site geared towards mainstreamed and highly-selective South Asians worldwide.

As part of Intersections Match Jasbina hosts a radio show (Intersections Talk Radio  discussions with published authors / experts on relationships as well as health and wellness), anchors relationship dialogues and contributes to relationship columns.

INTERSECTIONS MATCH is the only national personalized introduction and dating coaching service specially designed for mainstreamed singles of South Asian descent.    The company’s holistic mission includes thought leadership & spearheading a dialogue on relationships and health and wellness via its worldwide radio show, nationwide relationship teleconferences and in-person question and answer sessions, as well as relationship columns in publications throughout the country.

learn more at http://www.intersectionsmatch.com