If you have planned out your escape, it’s probably pretty simple.  Do something different in your off time.  make boatloads of money.  Say goodbye to life sucking job.  Pretty simple huh!  I guess if it was simple everyone would do it.

Technology is often the first hurdle.  You need a web site, iPhone app, etc.  A couple of Google searches on elance.com, rentacoder.com, etc.  and you are probably back on track.  This has more the feel of a right of passage than an actual obstacle.  Most escapees who encounter a technology hurdle are usually not dissuaded.

Staffing issues are another common challenge.  Again, not a show stopper.  An intern, VA, or a few extra cups of coffee a day and you should be back in progress mode.  There are a lot of ebooks and blog posts about both staffing and technology because they are easily solvable once you know the right approach.

It’s amazing how one word from a doctor can throw a wrench in your plans – cancer!  Priorities quickly change from maximizing click through revenue and getting a blog post done to what does your insurance plan cover, and do I have time to get to the hospital cafeteria before it closes.  Even these are like the short term priorities of staffing and technology.  They quickly are overcome and you can move on to bigger problems.  Then you can focus on longer term issues like what food can you keep down, what clothes can you put on by yourself after surgery, and how to get around when pain killers make operating heavy machinery dangerous.

Every case is different, but now your escape takes on a different flavor.   Depending on whether you are the patient or the caretaker, a long term goal can help you get through the treatment or simply something to focus on.  Assuming the end goal is living, this is still in line with our original escape plans.  This can be a bit of a challenge when your primary goal for the day is getting out of bed, and even that may be optional on some days.

So what are the obstacles that are getting in the way of your escape?  I’m guessing they are somewhere between to first two and the last item.   The later has been an 18 month detour from any plans I may have had.  Along the way I’ve still managed at least one blog post , and roughly one page of material a week.  I’m not nearly as focused as I would like and I can’t say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but in life it’s not always about the destination, but it is always about the journey.  You can get there!