There are lots of people worth listening to, but post for post Seth Godin probably scores higher on the “pure wisdom scale”  (if there was one) than anyone online.  On a daily basis he explores some concept and makes it relevant.  He doesn’t sell, he doesn’t instruct and he doesn’t preach.  He just offers up knowledge to whoever will drink from the spring.

For those of us who may have found ourselves chained to a desk for the past 20 years, it helps rekindle those flames of business revolution that we may have flirted with in days past.  For what Tim Ferris does at dissecting reality, Seth adds a conceptual dimension to give things new meaning.   I encourage you to sign up for his blog to get a daily dose of wisdom that is rare to say the least.    –

Regardless of where you are in your life and what you want to do with it, unless you are already have the lifestyle you want, you aren’t there now.  You are where you are because of the choices you made and the way you think.  Some of those things you might have changed in retrospect, but I’m also sure you wouldn’t trade some of those experiences either.  So I look at everything as foundation.  Some people just take longer at laying it.   It’s never too late to start.  So again if your attitude needs a little adjustment, a daily dose of Seth Godin is just what the doctor ordered.

And one last note for Seth if he is reading.  I was one of the late convertees to gmail.  Once I got the hang of things (I was a Eudora user), I started organizing my emails into folders.  Gmail is nice enough to give you a starter set, but I had my own filing systems.  About the same time, I started subscribing to Seth Godin’s email list.  Every day a new nugget of wisdom showed up in my email.  It didn’t ask me to click a link, join a webinar, or sell me private label widgets.  It was just there to do with as I please.  Initially I read them and left them (I’ll be lucky if I ever use over 10% of my allocated storage), but I’ve come to view Seth’s emails as some of the few generic emails worth keeping.  The logical thing to do would have been to create a Seth Godin folder, but I realized that one of the default folders that I hadn’t used was called “Personal”.  It seemed like a non-decision at the time, but it has become the only thing I store in that folder.  And the irony for me is that dispite the mass focused nature, for me they are truely personal.

So once again – Thanks Seth Godin.

(My favorite Seth Godin book so far)