Tasha Mayberry was working as the Vice President of Marketing & PR for an insurance brokerage / wealth management firm for over four years until she decided to break free! “I did enjoy working 9 to 5 but did I love it? Maybe back then I may have thought so, but now that I’m my own boss, I discovered my true passion and love what I do. My husband went to school for web design and development and I was an expert in online marketing, SEO and PR so I thought let’s join forces!” So they did exactly this starting their own web design, marketing and PR firm and they never looked back. They now have a team of six and have worked with 100+ brands all from word-of-mouth referrals. “I have to admit though, owning a six figure business takes hard work and in the beginning, I worked longer hours than my 9 to 5, BUT I still worked when I want. So, if one day I want to start early at 7am and hit an outside patio happy hour with my husband at 3pm, we do just this. Or if I am feeling crummy or tired or want to hit the gym, I start work at 10am and work later that day. The flexibility is liberating. Even if I put in 10 or 12 hour days, I love every minute”.

With my own business I never watch the clock waiting for my lunch hour or 5pm to come. I just organize my day with as many breaks as I see fit. My husband and I LOVE to travel and this has been a huge perk. If we want to go on a 7 night cruise then later in the year go to a resort for 8 days then visit my in-laws for 30 days in Russia or my parents in Maine, we can with no issues. Working 9 to 5 gave me 1 or 2 weeks tops of vacation time and was very limiting on when you could take time off. Now, we just pack up our laptops and work from anywhere we want. I’m so grateful for this luxury. I’m typing this now from Russia actually. We visited my in-laws for 22 days for New Year’s and 11 days in Maine before this. I’m 8 hours ahead of US east coast time so I’m up early here and spend time with family and
friends, then at 5pm I start work until midnight (that’s 9am est to 4pm est).

Tasha extends her flexibility to her employees as well by allowing them to choose when they will work, too. So if they want to start early or a little later they can,  Some work at night if they have to scoot out for something during the day. “Productivity is up because they are flexible. Plus, it empowers them to be their own boss with effective time and project management. Overall, it was a bit difficult to leave a VP position with full benefits and salary, but it was the best decision I’ve made. I’m free and I love it!”

Before Tasha escaped the 9 to 5 she was up at 5am just to get a workout in at the gym. This created long days.  Now, she goes to the gym whenever is the best time that day. Also, since Tasha and her husband work at home they can prepare more of their meals.  Knowing what foods are going into her body is another important focus for Tasha.  Having more time at home means being able to spend more time on herself.  Sleep is another important consideration.  When she she was in her 9 to 5 job, she would try to get 7 hours of sleep but now she is able to get 8 to 9 hours every night and wakes up on her own without any alarm clock. “This is a great feeling to wake up naturally. I wake up happy and refreshed every day.  If we have an event or need to stay up late, we know we can sleep in the next day”.

Another benefit of the freedom from a 9 to 5 is their son being home with them and not in daycare.  “We may have a nanny for parts of the day to help, but we will always be home, too.  This means not spending a fortune on daycare and having our child with sick kids, etc., too”

Another great benefit of the freedom she now hase is the increased motivation to do great things. Tasha was very motivated while working her 9 to 5 careers but now it is very different.  “I think and dream so big and continuously make great things happen. It brings me such joy, fulfillment and a deep sense of gratitude. Plus, five lives depend on us…my husband and I must create our own income and our four employees depend on us. It’s a great responsibility and feels really rewarding”.

Some of the book that helped Tasha with her escape included:

  • *The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
  • *New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott
  • *Brendon Burchard’s online course: Total Product Blueprint
  • *Successful People Are Full of C.R.A.P. (courage, resiliance, authenticity, perseverance)
  • *Launch by Jeff Walker

Tasha has several tips for other entrepreneurs who are thinking about escaping the 9 to 5:

Tip 1:  Before making your escape from the 9 to 5 world, remember to still be practical. I suggest having savings in the bank to cover 2 to 3 months of expenses. Also, have a plan on what you will do before you just up and leave your 9 to 5. Even start your business while working at your 9 to 5 and once it gets going, leave your job.  It’s great to escape, but be responsible about it. Also, always give proper notice 2 to 4 weeks so your employer can prepare especially if in a managerial position like I was.

Tip 2:  Don’t let others discourage you. A cushy career with stable income and benefits is appealing to most people compared to venturing out on your own so there could be people who try to convince you to stay at your job. My best tip is, always do what you love. This will bring great happiness and joy to your life. Being successful at your own venture is easier than people think. Often you can start a business with no formal training and limited start-up capital (unless you are inventing a product).  But the key to success is eliminating all self-limiting beliefs and thinking positively about your success; truly believe and know you will succeed. Visualize what your success looks like, have gratitude each and every day, and take action towards your goals.

Tip 3:  Be prepared to work hard. Having freedom is amazing but working hard for this luxury is what it takes. It’s very rewarding but it’s not always handed to you.

Tip 4:  Surround yourself with positive supporters, like minded entrepreneurs and mentors.  Brendon Burchard and Jeff Walker have helped me so much.

Tip 5:  Always dream big and achieve bigger; remove all limiting beliefs and truly believe and know you can do anything in life with a vision to succeed, taking action, working hard, and having daily gratitude for what you have currently and what you dream will be your reality.

Check her out online at the links below.  Her latest book Dream Big, Achieve Bigger: 7 Steps to Attract Anything You Want  is now available.