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Thumbs up for 2012

I tend to watch videos when I am working at home.  Lately there’s been a commercial running for Chrome which has a series of youtube videos.  One brief clip has a very excited youngster giving a big thumb’s up.  ...

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The Proof is in the Winning

Michelle Hill is an excited escapee who happens to love football. She was in Business Development for a courier company and was downsized in February 2009; actually, this was the third time she had been downsized in nine years....

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Making Room For Something New

Giving up something that you have put alot into can be a personally challenging exercise.   About 15 years ago I took over the family farm.  I was raised on the farm, did most of the building maintenance since I was a kid, but...

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New Years Resolution

It’s that time of year again. New Years Resolution time.  Most people treat it like a do over.  I didn’t do it last year, but I can do it this year.  Sadly the cycle tends to repeat itself.  The statistics are pretty...

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