Susanne Heaton grew up in the small village of Miami, Manitoba. It was in this rural setting and through her parents’ guidance at the family farm that Susanne learned the importance of:
1) community and respect for the environment;
2) helping others, especially those less fortunate than herself;
3) having a good sense of humour to help through even the darkest of times.

For over 11 years, Susanne worked in the corporate world doing team building, public speaking, negotiating, marketing and sales. She took a total leap of faith after her wake-up calls and left the corporate world to start her own company, Motivated by Nature. She is now an Award-Winning Author, Inspirational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and FUNdraiser.

Cancer. Burnout. Loss.

Susanne has survived all of these wake-up calls and she is passionate about helping others realize their dreams and tap into their creative potential NOW to live a fully abundant life.

Her company’s mission is encouraging respect for others, ourselves and the environment, inspiring people to live their wildest dreams now and supporting worthy causes in the process. Susanne’s first attempt was creating a children’s book, The ABC Field Guide to Faeries which was inspired by a friend’s 12 year old daughter that passed away from a very rare brain tumor. The book is utilized as FUNdraisers for worthy causes and to date has raised over $15,000 since it came off the presses in Oct of 2009. It was also nominated for the Alberta 2010 Best Book of the Year Award for Children and won a Bronze Medal in the Summit Awards for its book cover. Susanne appears as the Sunshine Faery, from the book to do school and group presentations on the messages contained in the book which include respecting ourselves, each other and the environment.

The book is also available on as well as .ca (Canada), .uk (United Kingdom), .ger (Germany), .fr (France), and .jp (Japan). Susanne’s goal is to raise $2.5 Million for worthy causes. She also speaks to adults on the importance of living your wildest dreams now and how to get into the Writing Zone.

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