Kean Graham is the Founder & CEO of an ad optimization company called MonetizeMore.  After working over a year for a Canadian online classified, they decided to lay off the whole marketing department.

Five days later, Kean find himself on a plane to South America. Four months into the backpacking trip, he started a life changing Machu Picchu trek. He had hiked for four days through the incredible Inca trail. By the end of it, he was sitting on top of Wayna Picchu reflecting on his experiences with the incredible view of Maccu Picchu in front of him and it finally clicked:

“I want to work and travel when I want, where I want. I have to start a digital business to enable this autonomous lifestyle”. Seven months later Kean started the digital business which now offers this autonomous lifestyle to any member of his team. “We now have a team of forty nomad ‘in’trapreneurs that dare to be pioneers that deviate from the status quo of 9 to 5”.  Many large publishers monetize their free content by simply placing Google AdSense ads directly on page. MonetizeMore takes that a step further to focus on the important aspects like building unique quality content, nurturing a community, SEO, direct sales and building new tech features. Ad optimization tends to be the lowest hanging fruit in terms of immediate and sustained profit growth.

Some of the books, websites, or other resources that helped Kean in escaping the 9 to 5 were:

  • Four Hour Work Week
  • Art of Charm Podcast

Kean’s digital advertising business has given him a location independent lifestyle that allows him to travel regularly.  “It gives me the ability to be where I want when I want. I have the privilege to always be where I want to be. This enables me to explore the world while growing my business. I am living my own dream”.

In order to be location independent and also manage a decentralized team, Kean has mastered the tools needed to communicate with and manage his team from anywhere in the world.  He as also developed an incentive programs to motivate his location independent team.

Even while he is traveling the world Kean is working on new business solutions.  This year he is launching two new products:  MonetizeMore Demand: Unified header bid solution and PubGuru: SAAS for ad optimization experts.  He continues to add value to his customers and his team regardless of where he is on the world.  “Live in the now, no regrets, no fear, full appreciation, with a side of humor”.