Paul Clark’s 9 to 5 job wasn’t exactly music to his hears.   A couple years ago he was the Part’s Manager for a trailer dealership  in the Kansas City area.  He had worked my way up to this position from spending 13 years as a mechanic in the shop.  The dealership, and the transportation industry in general, was looking forward to a hard year and the owners had already asked him to cut his staff from three people down to two, and he was feeling the pressure of, not only having to work as the manager but as a counter hand as well.

On the morning of May 20th, 2008, Paul got an email from the owners saying that he needed to reallocate responsibilities and decide which of his two people to cut.  “It came as the final blow to my crumbling morale.  I went home for lunch and my wife met me at the door saying that I had to hear something.  She had been on a conference call with a business coaching company and one of the leaders of the call had said “Your happiness in life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you are willing to live with.”  Well, that was the deciding factor.  I went back to work, divided my responsibilities between my two counter guys and turned in my resignation.”

Initially he joined his wife Dana in her music business Serious Vanity Records.  They are an Independent record label and licensing library.  “It had always been my dream to work in music and sound design, and now it’s a reality because I was able to take the leap and escape the 9-5.”  Paul and Dana have received numerous awards and rave reviews for their voice-over work.  They have a love for all kinds of music and they library covers all genres.  “And if we don’t have it… we can make it for you.”

Paul has since expanded into Paul’s Guitar Shop since he has been playing with and modifying guitars on the side for the past 23 years.