Laurie Bagley

Laurie is happy to be getting underway!

For many people, escaping the 9 to 5 includes pushing the limits of human experience.  There are the occasional individuals that want to explore the bottom of the ocean, but it’s generally the other direction that attracts the imagination.   There is probably no other place on earth that says life changing experience like Mount Everest.

Laurie Bagley is your typical California mom except for the fact that she has climbed almost every major mountain you have ever heard of.  She holds the record for climbing Mt Shasta in just over 2 hours.  She is one of a handful of women to make one of the ascents up Everest, and now she takes people there.  For some it’s a spiritual journey, other it’s an opportunity to explore themselves, and for others it is just the majesty of one of the most inaccessible places on earth.  She does guided trips on a regular basis.  Check out her next adventure at

If you aren’t ready to make the journey yourself, maybe you would just like to read about it first.  Laurie writes about her experience and her formula for success in her new book “Summit”.  You may not be ready to go to Mt Everest, but you may want to ask yourself “How far do you want to go in life?”  The possibilities are endless.