How many times have you heard the phrase “First Things First” .   It’s probably earned the designation of cliche so you may not have paid as much attention to it.  But here’s the reality.  Our days are often the products of bad habits and other people’s priorities.  We tend to gravitate towards things that are time sensitive and reward based.  We turn on our computer, click a button and we are rewarded with a new batch of items that may present new and exciting opportunities for us.  Such is the magic of email.  Well not really.  Email is really a bad habit based on primarily passive activity.  Click the button and get your orders for the day.  Or if you are at home maybe it’s a facebook friend request, details on black friday specials, or maybe the latest product launch.  Fast forward 2 hours and maybe you’ve gotten through the batch.  Whether at home or at work, your time has just been sucked away from.  And what was it that you were going to do today?  It’s now been pushed to the back of list.  All by just checking email.

So what was on your to-do list?  Tomorrow, try moving it to the front of the list.  Do not check email until it’s done.  Try to limit the task to under 2 hours otherwise it may be more tempting to put off.  2 hours is a doable, and it’s justifiable while you are trying to break the email habit.  You will quickly find that doing “First Things First”  will quickly move yourself along the road to escaping the 9 to 5.