While working as a nurse case manager and studying for a certification exam, Deanna Gillingham had difficulty finding adequate study materials. This led to placing her own study notes on a website and eventually compiling them into a book. “The book did extremely well, which led me to leave my full time job to focus full time on my business, where I developed online courses, workbooks and an online community devoted to helping other case managers pass their certification exam”.

Deanna is now living the Expat life in sunny Belize.  Having her own business has given Deanna a new sense of freedom.  “I now have the ability to be where I want, when I want. I wake up most mornings in awe of where I am”.

Like most entrepreneurs, she has made mistakes along the way like trying to do everything herself.  That’s just part of the process.  It’s not easy but we learn and push through.  “You need to get comfortable being uncomfortable.”  You can’t focus on your mistakes, you have to focus on your accomplishments and continue moving forward. “Listen to something positive every day, motivation is everything. Do something, no matter how small every day toward reaching your goal”.   Some of the resources that have kept Deanna motivated include: Think and Grow Rich, Outwitting the Devil, Do the Work, Dan Miller’s 48 Days Podcast, and Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast.  All this inspiration has left Deanna with a difficult challenge – finding time to implement all the ideas she has.


See what Denna is doing at:   CaseManagementStudyGuide.com