Last weekend I traveled about 1000 miles by plane and another 100 by car to attend the last day of Ryan Lee’s Continuity Summit.  (actually only about half of that because I had to do the return trip).  Travel trauma aside, it was a great conference  – again.   A lot of people traveled  even further.  Both this year and last there were more than a few people from Europe and Asia.  Where else can 500 like minded entrepreneurs get together to learn from the likes of Ryan Lee, Yanik Silver, Jerry Clark, Jimmy Vee, Matt Bacek, Jerry Clark and others.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept of continuity, it is simply about keeping regularly paying customers and making them happy for as long as humanly possible.   Continuity programs can include memberships, subscriptions, clubs, etc.  in a variety of combinations.  Internet marketing is a common implementation because of the profit margins, and the ability to create and deliver digital products.  Almost anyone can have a continuity program for their business.

This was my second year and I would recommend you all check back regularly to find out when it is happening in 2011.  Http://