Jeff VilenskyNothing says corporate America like Wall Street.  Jeff Vilensky worked for 14 years on Wall Street in Finance – from 1989 until 2003 – 7 years at Salomon Brothers in Capital Markets and Strategic Consulting, followed by 6 years at Bear Stearns in Equity Research.  He loved the money but the initial dream turned into a disappointment and the actual work was very unfulfilling – as a colleague mentioned to him as his frustration grew over the years – he was wearing the golden handcuffs.  “The more and more I thought about the 70-80 hour weeks, my body beginning to creak and balloon out, my view that the firm cared only about making money and little else – I took my foot off the gas and evidently began to coast”.  Jeff was visiting one client and he asked how he managed to keep his job covering only 3 companies – he shrugged but that was my wake-up call and the writing was on the wall.

Several months later, Jeff was on the losing team of analysts”.  Jeff felt betrayed, annoyed, lost, and all that eventually turned to relief.  “Today, I want to kiss and thank them for letting me go.  Thats what it was – they let me go and let me create the life and work I was meant to do.  Hey – I am great with numbers and have remarkable observation powers when it comes to how people are doing and how businesses are running.   But, that alone isn’t enough”.

Through a series of twists and turns – some time off and a brief stint as a real estate broker and developer – Jeff is now a serial entrepreneur and a professional Coach.  He started a business called Broadway Bodies in late 2008 (the fun way to work out) with less than $1,000 in start-up capital – its a dance workout to show tunes and movie musicals.  The company grew its revenues 60% in its 2nd year of operation – going from one class per week to 6 classes – all held in Manhattan.  They run fun workout classes, private events for bachelorette parties or fun wedding dances, and they participate in 3 parades per year.  Jeff also has another small business in the works.

While doing this, Jeff did some personal development work and discovered the Coaching Industry – he is now a Certified Life Coach, and helps people who hate their jobs discover their passion and as he likes to say, “turn their FUN to FORTUNE$”.   His business is dedicated to helping people creating a life they love through finding work they love – and that is not easy.   It takes the desire to work hard at it, time, wrong turns, failures, and lots of backbone.   Jeff now creates his days, is building an enterprise, having fun, helping others see possibility and find their passions, and he loves his work.

Jeff does it because he loves to help people see a future – a way out from what they may see today as a job they are stuck in, frustrated, and not happy.  “If I can provide inspiration, insight, knowledge, and be a guide for them to create a great life, that brings me a tremendous amount of job satisfaction!!!”

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