Janice Sellers started working in the adventure game industry in 1990 at Chessex Manufacturing. After four years there, as the Production Manager and the entire Roleplaying Department, she realized a long-held dream and escaped to Chaosium, where she worked for three years editing and developing the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game and fiction lines and the Pendragon fiction line. She has also edited for Alderac Entertainment Group, Crunchy Frog Enterprises, Grey Ghost Press, Issaries, Last Unicorn Games (all the Star Trek RPG lines), R. Talsorian Games (almost their entire line of products!), Reaper Games (CAV), Steve Jackson Games, Vortext magazine, and Wizards of the Coast. She has edited fourteen products (games, fiction, and one CCG) that have won Origins Awards, and has won three Origins Awards as an editor.

Her escape from the 9-to-5 world is in progress. She previously had full-time jobs as an editor, transcriber, and general office administrator. While Janice held these full-time jobs she also did freelance work as an editor, indexer, translator, and family history researcher.  “After going through three major surgeries in less than four years, I found that my perspective on life had changed and it was becoming more and more difficult to force-fit myself into the roles that full-time office jobs require”. I am currently trying to build up my freelance business, particularly focusing on family history research, to the point that it will support me. My company’s name is Ancestral Discoveries. I have stepped up my marketing efforts and started presenting genealogy talks a year ago, both of which have helped increase my name recognition in my area. I’m still in the process of improving my Web site, but I do have one: