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Escape in 30 minutes

One of the often overlooked lessons of the 4 hour workweek is the question of what to do with the other 36 hours.  The reality is that most of us are looking for an escape that is not too different from what we are doing now...

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But I’m Over 40

When I was in my twenties I invested in real estate, traveled the world, would go running at midnight, and generally got around 4 hours sleep.  Wine (actually more beer), women and song played a large part of that as well....

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Four Hour Body

Tim Ferris is doing it again.  Riding on the wave of the 4 Hour Work Week, he is rolling out the 4 Hour Body this week – http://www.fourhourbody.com.  I have multiple version of the 4 Hour Work Week so I was one of a few...

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My Personal Researcher Tim Ferriss

Every potential escapee should have a personal researcher.  Someone who can scout out opportunities, trends, companies, etc.  while you are dealing with the 9 to 5.  Leveraging someone who understands business and business...

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