Robert LawrenceFriedman was working as a Document Processing Manager for a New York-based law firm.   “I decided that although I could be sitting in an office till I was 80 years old, receiving my comfortable and secure paycheck, I needed to live my dream”.  He decided as long as he was working at this firm, he was living someone else’s dream. This was almost 20 years ago.  Without a golden parachute, Robert jumped into his own dream.  “Never let fear make your decisions. Don’t allow comfort and security to be the sole decision maker. The greatest risk will often yield the greatest reward. Being comfortable doesn’t necessarily equate with being happy. Allow your life to be more meaningful and purposeful, and you will find yourself effortlessly happier”.

Since then, Robert has published several books and videos including, How to Relax in 60 Seconds or Less and The Healing Power of the Drum.

Robert supports himself through training individuals how to relieve their stress, empower themselves, and stretch themselves through laughter, drumming and conventional stress management.  For  the past several years, he has traveled to Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, England, and Malaysia teaching adults, and young adults to offer his services — all expenses paid.  He has created several iPhone applications, developed numerous seminars and is living the dream.

Robert enjoys the fact that he can create his own schedule and there are no ceiling in how much money he can make.   Some of the books Robert has found most useful on his escape from the 9 to 5 have been  Nature of Personal Reality and Way of the Peaceful Warrior.