Jeffrey Kelly is proof you can work a corporate job and have one or more businesses going at the same time.  He has worked hard over the past 10 years to build a successful corporate career in technology management in the pacific northwest. He started as a software engineer at Accenture and worked his way through the management ranks to director level positions leading global staffs at fortune 500’s like Microsoft, Amazon, Clearwire, and Expedia.  “I get bored quickly in jobs,  and in life in general… always taking up a new hobby or side-project”.

After years of this and being particularly down in the Christmas of 2013 Jeffrey stumbled upon a motivational speaker on YouTube who referenced the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter.  “I read it and had my eyes opened to a different way of leading my life. Ever since then I’ve been on a path of escaping a traditional corporate job. I was already in the new generation by jumping jobs regularly but this really changed the course”.  He was considering buying a fast car or starting a new hobby and realized that he should dream much bigger about his life so that he could match his ideas and distractability with his work.

In mid-2014 Jeffery and his wife Jessica started an internet investment company ( that flips websites, just like some people flip houses. In late 2015 they started a subsidiary with an investor who wanted in on the technique.  They started a gag-gift ecommerce company together (  This led to starting a real estate investment company in 2016. “All this time we’ve continued to work at our day jobs. My plan is to make the transition to working for my own company in 2016”.

Away from work Jeffery is married with two young children, he is an obstacle course athlete, and now… An entrepreneur.  He gets to spend time with his family that was not available as a corporate employee… volunteering at school, going to important events, and having lunch with his wife. “I’m doing this because I hate commuting. I hate that I don’t get to go to events at my kids school. I hate that when my employer says I need to be at work (morning or night or both) I don’t get a choice. I hate that as an obstacle course athlete ( I don’t get enough flexibility on when and how much I train . In general, I’m ready to live by my own schedule and on my own terms and it is just about gaining enough momentum for my entrepreneurial spirit to be able to provide food and shelter”.