Carol Wasserman used to be in PR/marketing in NYC – although it was a fun job – it was very stressful, and also felt empty.  “It was like I wasn’t really doing anything meaningful to help society”.    Her passion was food and nutrition, so she got fed up with the stress and emptiness and left NYC to study macrobiotics. Friends and family immediately started coming to her for advice on what they should eat – and most of it had to do with weight loss.

So Carol decided to create a website, make business cards – and she had a business! Friends referred her to their friends, and soon the word spread. She got some work teaching cooking classes, writing for magazines, and she was doing the counseling too. This was several years ago and her business is thriving now – and she is so happy!

One of the things Carol likes most is making her own schedule.  She can wake when she want, go to the gym when she want, etc.  She will tell you starting a business needs to be a conscious decision.   “If you are going to do this, it must be something you love. If you love something, working hard at it will come easily to you – and my theory is also that you are good at things you love because working at them is fun – all of this means you will have a better chance at becoming successful”.

Running your own business takes a lot of personal strength as well.  At the beginning Carol was a bit of  a pushover with some clients and let them take advantage of her. This doesn’t happen anymore. She now has a 24 hour cancellation policy – and she’s actually
enforcing this now too. ” You would think being more accommodating to clients works
better – but I am now more efficient with this new policy”.

Carol is currently working on a cookbook!  She creating all the original recipes and taking all the photographs for this cookbook. See some of her food photography and recipes on the website.