Greetings Escapees!

We would like to hear your story of escape. Your escape may be completed, in progress, or contemplated. In 2 – 3 paragraphs please describe what you did before, what you are doing now, and why you are doing it.
Feel free to include plugs about your business, URL, tweeter links, etc. This is shameless self promotion time.

All postings may be used on this site, in future audio/video podcasts, ebooks, or print books. If we use your story beyond the web site, we will check with you first in case you are now a multi-millionaire and no longer want the attention.

If you are doing something that wouldn’t go over well with a G rated audience, we probably won’t use your input, so you may want to save yourself some typing if you fall into this category.

Assuming we pick your story in our featured monthly selection, we will need your shirt size and a mailing address. Hats and other styles of shirt are available if you have a more refined sense of fashion. Or you can just buy one if you need something to motivate you in the mirror.