David Yale
After several staff jobs as a creative and marketing director, David Yale decided to escape from the shackles of the 9 to 5 world.  He becoming a freelancer specializing in direct mail creative for financial advisories, alternative health marketers, sweepstakes, and lotteries.  David wrote a series of articles for the direct marketing trade press, spoke at industry meetings, developed a website (www.controlbeaters.com), and sent thousands of pieces of direct mail to prospects.

Within six months, He was earning a living, and after three years of promoting, David had more work than I could handle. His website attracted clients from all over the USA, as well as England, Germany, Australia, and Canada.  “I earn as much as I did in those 9 to 5 jobs in average years, and much more in my best years. I have more flexibility than I did as an employee, and the work is more interesting and challenging”.

David is the author of The Publicity Handbook, a Fortune Book Club selection published by NTC Business Books, Yale conceived and published The Direct Marketer’s Guide to Executive Recruiters.

Yale’s articles have appeared in Business Marketing, Computer and Electronics Marketing, Direct, DM News, NPA Hotline, and The Newsletter on Newsletters. He has taught more than 200 marketing communications seminars for clients like AT&T, Arbitron, Crocker Bank, Illinois Bell, NYNEX and the University of Minnesota.

David have recently added a small publishing operation — something he has wanted to do since  he was a teenager.  His most recent book, _Pun Enchanted Evenings: 746 Original Word Plays_, has gotten great reviews, and is sold all over the world. If you love puns, there are a bunch of great ones on his website (www.bestpuns.com) and you can follow David on Twitter (@bestpuns).

David R. Yale  Creative Director, David R. Yale, Direct Marketer LLC

Publisher, A Healthy Relationship Press, LLC