Elizabeth Manning worked for the CEO and founder of NIKE, Phil Knight, and realized she was making money for someone else, but needed to go out and see what she could do in service to the planet. After deciding to embark on her dream of acting and falling flat on her face (her dream, she learned later was incomplete, and the idea of it was nicer than the actuality of it.) So Elizabeth more research and self searching, and worked in a cafe while she made this my focus.

Literally. It paid off. Elizabeth set a clear intention that she was in service to the highest good, followed a line of thinking that took her to her true gifts.  That path has led Elizabeth to a series of synchronicities that guided her to creating her own niche in the world. She publishing a book in June 2011 called If I’m so Smart Why Can’t I Get Pregnant about Eco-fertility to become fertile in all areas of life, first (to reverse emotional blocks to infertility and before trying to bring a child into this world), and is in the conception stages of a television docu-syle series. And not so ironically her own personal story is all over her work and a driving force for why she does what she does and how she know it works. “This focus on my clear path/gifts/intent to know my postulate had to come first, or I wouldn’t have been able to hear the call”.

Elizabeth is really enjoying her freedom. “I can be on coaching calls from Hawaii if I choose (and I have), I can do it in my pajamas if I want. (I usually don’t though, it feels funny to me, but sweats yes!) =) I can take space if I need, I need a lot of space to think, and be, and to become clear centered and connected. I am able to clear my schedule for the book I am writing now, which I never could have done. I have no boss, just my own inner clock and drive, which further builds my autonomy. I really am free and feel gratitude for it every day”.

Elizabeth is the first to tell you it is never too late to start dreaming. “Pay close attention to what you daydream about no matter how impossible”. The first step for her was to give herself permission to have the dream. Then she had to commit, to decide, and to give herself permission to take action in small ways.   Elizabeth had to fight for that, however, because all those years she was conditioned to think a certain way. Nothing was wrong with corporate life until the day came where she realized it was an agreement she no longer wished to be a part of. Then it became painful to stay.

“I learned that the desire itself IS the call, and that is divine spirit calling us to the path. I became sick at times I was trying to ignore it, and it became unbearable to go to work”.  She used many “sick days” up also because she needed time to think. The signs were there that she wasn’t happy, or thriving, and that awareness was growing. When Elizabeth got to the place where she realized how ridiculous it is to have to feign being sick in order to take care of her spirit, she got really angry. That was a powerful turning point for her to make a change. One day she read the quote “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

Elizabeth knew she was to make a change but didn’t know yet what until she thawed out enough to really listen. That is when the journey really began for her, three years before the calling and two more years to find the courage after the calling.  Elizabeth will tell you she ‘jumped’ before she laid the groundwork. She quit her job when she only had one client because she was that ready!  Although not recommended. She recommends everyone make a plan. “Make sure financial security is in place, move slowly from one to the other. The financial fear will freeze the creative energy you have worked so hard for if you don’t, and it isn’t worth it”.

For Elizabeth, happiness is not an option. To live a truly full human experience, it is so imperative to listen to the inner guidance that brings a feeling of relief, then we know we are moving in the general direction of our dreams. We are too precious to not be seeing our potential through, and the world also misses out.

Elisabeth Manning www.consciousconception.net

PreCreate the best parent you can be by cultivating a fertile environment and way of being in all areas of life, first.  Science shows us we are 95% water. Science also shows us our thoughts, emotions and intentions (such as prayer) affect water. Science also shows us we can now change our genetic code (DNA) by changing our environment. Being responsible to shift our thoughts, emotions and what immediately surrounds us (our body’s environment) can therefore affect our health. There might be a reason Mother Nature is pausing you so you can ‘reset yourself’ to be the best parent you can be.

Before ever planting a seed you must first cultivate the soil.-Chinese Proverb