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The Art of Travel

I love Hulu!  They have so many movies that you might not find otherwise.   I will watch random movies while I’m working on this.  This one caught my attention.  It sort of fits with the idea of escaping the 9 to 5.  It...

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Cleaning Your Room

If you are a parent, you probably have great kids.  Mine are generally pretty great.  They do well in school, they are involved in lots of sports, and they are kind to animals.  Who could ask for more.   Unfortunately a clean...

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If you are planning on building any sort of information products or simply outlining your business, one of the must have tools is Mind Meister.  It’s a mind mapping tool of which there are many.  I have tried several...

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My Personal Researcher Tim Ferriss

Every potential escapee should have a personal researcher.  Someone who can scout out opportunities, trends, companies, etc.  while you are dealing with the 9 to 5.  Leveraging someone who understands business and business...

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Virtual Assistant Alternatives

Lots of gurus out there are telling you to outsource your life.  Get a virtual assistant (VA) and start maximizing your time.  Sounds great – sign me up!  Somewhere in the Philippines or India some hard working assistant is...

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